Technology Roadmapping

BRS are well connected into both OEM and the research sector and as a result BRS has worked on a series of technology roadmaps for various clients. At a high level the reviews have covered topics as diverse as mechanised mining, ore sorting, comminution and energy efficiency.
At the heart of any such roadmapping work is the requirement to understand the compulsion for change at a strategic level and how future needs may influence the situation. Coupled to this high level view is the requirement to understand the practicalities for the solution. Such practicalities will define the constraints that will shape the outcomes.
BRS work with companies to define the strategic view for technology and then act to identify, evaluate and rank alternative pathways, ensuring that the total system is considered, thus avoiding any “silver bullet” mentality.
The breadth of the BRS skill-base through the Associate network, allows this ability to work with the client all the way through to engineering assessments of the roadmap elements. Working in this manner provides the linkage between the roadmaps and the realities of operation.

Recent Projects