In-Pit Crushing & Conveying

In terms of core IPCC projects, BRS works in conjunction with trusted Associates to deliver:

  • Mine planning
  • Mine/equipment operation
  • IPCC options and alternatives
  • Comparison with truck-shovel alternatives
  • Simulation of Life-of-Mine operation
  • Financial evaluation of options.  
    To date BRS has completed IPCC projects in Australia, South Africa and Mozambique. Due to client confidentiality, details of the clients specific work cannot be released, but in general it has covered:
  • Review and analysis if IPCC options from various suppliers
  • Detailed review of equipment and operational factors
  • Full NPV comparison of IPCC versus truck-shovel
  • Sensitivity analysis of how value changes with mining strategy.
  • Detailing of mine planning considerations and requirements for IPCC in comparison to traditional methods.
  • Life of Mine production analysis and dynamics simulation
  • Simulation of IPCC for proposed coal and iron ore operations

    Recent Projects