Technology Studies

BRS focuses on the rapid and effective deployment of solutions for the client, but at the same time is flexible and if a technology option can add value then it will be pursued.  The ability to consider the left-field solution also extends to not being happy with just a “vanilla” outcome.  BRS is currently involved in a series of projects that have the potential to changes the face of mining and processing. Such studies require an open and inquiring set of minds and often the team assembled needs to be multi-disciplinary, with an over-riding project management approach that does not stifle change, but manages it and is fully cognisant of the operational implications.
Ted Bearman understands the tension between operations reality and technology and hence has has sought out Associates who have the ability to function in this space.
Keeping abreast of technology is also a key to the BRS approach.  To do this BRS keeps active links with a wide range of research organizations and universities throughout the World.
Depending on client requirements, BRS will organize specific study tours of key research providers.  These tours are tailored to the individual client, but to date have included, comminution, mining systems and sorting.
Our continued belief that technology is core to improving the performance of the industry is not just a statement.  BRS has four active internal research areas and encourages the submission of technical papers and conference attendance.