Bear Rock Solutions (BRS) consists of a small, but well networked core of professionals, led by Dr. Richard (Ted) Bearman.
Using extensive global networks BRS are able to pull together high quality teams to address a wide range of subject and functional areas. BRS offers a range of services spanning the mining and processing value chain, covering engineering and technology solutions ranging from high level strategic studies through to operational optimisation.
The solutions delivered by BRS are bounded by the practicalities of the business, but at the same always seek to deliver outcomes that are flexible, robust and targeted to unlock value for the client.
To date BRS has undertaken project work for clients and operations in Australia, USA, Chile, Indonesia, Mozambique, Germany, United Kingdom, Namibia, South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

What is Important to Us

In the execution of our work BRS adheres to a set of founding principles, namely:

  • Prioritise delivery of targeted, bespoke, quality solutions
  • Address the system – avoid concentrating on issues in isolation
  • Work with companies open to change – generate actions, not reports sitting on shelves
  • Work with the best people – always use an ‘A ’team, not just who is available at the time
  • Actively leverage networks – know our limits and know where the knowledge sits
  • Work in the space between operations and development – solutions often come from this space
  • Apply technology where it aids productivity – technology in isolation is rarely the solution

  • Project Highlights

    End-to-End Process Modelling

    End-to-end process modelling can provide unique insights in plant operations.

    Waste Rejection & Advanced Sensors

    Waste rejection, using advanced sensors is at the core of future mining operations.

    Technology Roadmapping

    Mapping out the technology development and implementation pathway.